Launch Of Second Level Domains

Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC) is launching Second Level DOT KE domain name space in Kenya.

KeNIC has been on a Third Level Domain name space, which allows registration of two name parts before the DOT KE, that is, or etc., which defines the function or specialization of the institution, that is for companies, or for organizations, or for government institutions, or for higher learning institutions. The Second Level Domain Space allows registrations of one name part before the DOT KE with no specialization e.g.

Second Level Domain is a premium & competitive domain name that will give you or your business a unique and catchy outlook/ personality, and it can be conveniently used alongside the Third Level domain.

Did you know that a malicious individual or company can register a domain name that is similar to that of your company or brand name, in order to misuse it for cyber-squatting or for their personal gain?

In order to curb infringement or misuse of brand names or company names, KeNIC is urging all companies & individuals registered under trademarks and whose goodwill is at risk of litigation/infringement, to secure their Second Level Domain DOT KE domain names as soon as possible.

KeNIC will launch the Second Level Domain name space in 4 phases. The first phase known as the sunrise period will give all trademark name holders first priority to secure their DOT KE Second Level Domain names, before the same is rolled out to the general public, after which these names will be available to all on a first come first serve basis.

Please take note that the sunrise period for trademarked names will run for 90 days, from 23rd July 2017 to 22nd October 2017.

For more details email us on or call or whatsapp 0725874816.

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